Trio Fasteners began in 1991, when Ron and Vance Hopkins decided to pool their resources and open a fastener and industrial supply distributorship in the Ashland, VA area.

Ron had been a branch manager for a large Southeastern fastener distributor. Vance was vice president of Green Top Sporting Goods - a major Mid-Atlantic sporting goods retailer. While Vance continued to work at Green Top, Ron became president of Trio Fasteners, Inc.
With Hanover County lacking an industrial fastener distributor and the Hanover Industrial Air Park seemed a logical place for Trio Fasteners. Five thousand feet of warehouse space was located, and Trio opened its doors on June 3, 1991.
Three of Ron's co-workers at his old employer agreed to become a part of the new venture. Doug Preston, Clarence Nowlin, and Kenny Ferrell formed the core of Trio. These three were the inspiration for the company's name. Moving forward in fits and starts, Trio made a major advance when it gained a large customer in the fall of 1991, and thus began a long period of growth.

Trio moved into its permanent quarters in March of '96 and enjoys an excellent location within sight of the runway in the Air Park. The 12,000 square foot warehouse is perfectly suited to Trio's business and inventory, with spacious offices and a well-designed and lighted storage area for nearly $500,000 in inventory. Conde, Ron's wife retired from her twenty two year teaching career to come to work full time as administrator.

Succession plans took place, with the company staying with internal stakeholders who have continued to serve the local community with high-quality fasteners