Construction Reamers

Ideal for heavy-duty applications, construction reamers allow you to ream and enlarge holes for construction and bridgework projects. Construction reamers can be used with hand tools or machine tools. We stock construction reamers in a variety of materials, sizes, and shank diameters.

Ready to Ship Construction Reamers from a Trusted Fastener Distributor

With attention to detail and customer service, Trio Fasteners supplies fasteners and industrial supplies to a wide range of industries, including OEMs, steel fabricators, and contractors. Our inventory reflects the needs of our customers, allowing us to fulfill customer quotes quickly and efficiently. We also offer the following buying benefits:
  • Competitive pricing
  • Adherence to state and federal DOT guidelines
    • Domestic inventory is available for government contracts
  • Fastener team with decades of industry knowledge and expertise

Find the Right Construction Reamers for Your Project

Construction Reamer Options

Get a smooth surface finish with construction reamers. Specification options include:
  • Shank Type
    • Hex
    • Round
    • Tapered
  • Materials
    • HSS Steel
    • Carbide
    • Cobalt
  • Shank Diameter
  • Flute Styles
  • Reamer Diameter

Construction Reamer Order and Shipping Information

  • High-volume and repeat order discounts
  • Bulk or packaged orders delivered to your worksite or plant
  • Nationwide standard UPS delivery between one to five business days
    • Mid-Atlantic deliveries within one business day
  • Mill direct shipments
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At Trio Fasteners, we are more than just a part-number store, we help you find the best resources for your unique application. Visit our location in Ashland, Virginia, for personalized service, or call us at 804-449-7461, and our staff will happily assist you. You can also request a quote online for more pricing information on our high-quality concrete fasteners.

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