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Truss Head 316 S/S

Exceptional strength in high temperature environments in addition to excellent corrosion resistance makes truss head 316 stainless steel screws. 316 stainless steel truss head screws offer you a wide load-bearing surface with high-performance in marine or acidic environments.

Trio Fasteners 316 Stainless Steel Truss Head Screw Advantages

With a staff of experienced fastener experts, Trio Fasteners has the quality inventory needed for your metal fabrication or construction application. For over 30 years we have supplied high-performance fasteners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and US. We also offer:
  • Fast quotes for specialty and standard orders
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Compliance with state and federal DOT guidelines
    • Domestic truss head 3one6 stainless steel screw inventory is available for government contracts

Truss Head 316 Stainless Steel Screws Ready to Ship

316 S/S Truss Head Screw Specifications

Inventory options include a variety of head diameters, thread sizes, and thread pitches. Additional options include:
Drive Style
  • Phillips
  • UNC
  • UNF

Order and Shipping Information

  • Mill direct shipments
  • Discounts for high-volume and repeat orders
  • Nationwide UPS delivery between one to five business days
    • Mid-Atlantic orders with delivery within one business day
  • Packaged or bulk orders with delivery to your job site or plant

Buy Truss Head 316 Stainless Steel Screws

Request a quote or call us at 804-798-0073. Buy truss head 316 stainless steel screws and get them delivered when you need them fast.