Coupling Nuts

Coupling nuts, or hex coupling nuts, are long, internally threaded fasteners that connect metal components. While similar in design to heavy hex nuts, these fasteners are used to “couple” or join two externally threaded rods and form durable connections. Coupling nuts can be threaded onto each rod, firmly securing the components into one functional element. These nuts are available in an assortment of materials and sizes for unique applications across numerous industries.

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Hex Coupling Nut Features

Coupling nuts, also known as extension nuts, connect and extend rods for various applications. They can thread any externally threaded rod of the same dimensions and threading, including solid rods, bolts, or piping. Their hexagonal external shape allows them to be installed or removed quickly with installation tools such as a wrench or socket set. Rod couplings provide easy and strong solutions for metal fastener connections.

Materials & Finishes for Rod Couplings

With a variety of materials and finish options, coupling nuts are suitable for use in a range of applications across multiple industries. The various steel compositions of rod couplings from Trio Fasteners contain different percent levels of carbon, each offering unique benefits.

Low-carbon steel is highly machinable and offers excellent weldability and flexibility. Medium-carbon materials include T-316 stainless steel, 18-8 stainless steel, and A194 Grade 2H. These steels have an increased heat response and strength, allowing for more versatile applications. High-carbon materials include Grade 5 and Grade 8 steels, which feature high hardness, wear resistance, and excellent edge retention, making these metals well-suited for high-stress or harsh environments.

Finishes for our coupling nuts include zinc, plain, and hot-dipped galvanized (HDG). These cost-effective finishes offer numerous benefits, including increased corrosion resistance, longevity, durability, and weldability.

Industries Served

Trio Fasteners is a premier fastener supplier in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, offering competitive pricing across diverse industries. Our fasteners cater to a wide range of coupling nut applications, making them desirable for numerous industries. Whether your project is large or small, we have the perfect hex rod couplings to meet your specific requirements. With over 30 years of experience serving various sectors, we have solidified our position as a leading fastener provider with a proven, reliable record.

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At Trio Fasteners, our domestic inventory includes standard and specialty fasteners, meeting both state and federal DOT requirements for quality assurance. Specifically tailored for industrial uses, our inventory is readily available for seamless integration into various projects. Our fastener experts are ready to assist you in selecting the right coupling nuts for your project. Enjoy our competitive pricing and the convenience of same-day shipping in the mid-Atlantic region and nationwide shipping within one to five business days. Whether packaged or in bulk, Trio Fasteners has the products and services you need to succeed.

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Located in Ashland, VA, Trio Fasteners takes pride in serving Virginia and the neighboring states. Our comprehensive inventory in Central Virginia is unparalleled, and our dedicated team is prepared to supply high-quality fastener products for all your needs, no matter the industry.

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