Eye Protection

Protect your eyes from harmful debris and dust with quality eye protection products. We stock a wide range of eye protection goggles and glasses ready to ship to you today.

Keep your worksite injury-free with eye protection products from Trio Fasteners. We carry eyeglasses and goggles made for industrial protection, offering you the vision safety needed for different jobsite safety requirements.

Find Quality Eye Protection Glasses and Goggles

Protective Eye Gear Products

Inventory of eye protection products includes the following options:
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Goggles
  • Laser Goggles
  • Welding Glasses

Buying Benefits from Trio Fasteners

Understanding the needs of our customers allows Trio Fasteners to stock the eye protection products you need for worksite safety. We offer you competitive prices and exceptional customer service, ensuring you get the products you need quickly. We also offer:
  • Over 30 years of fastener expertise
    • We have little staff turnover, with a dedicated team of fastener experts
  • Fast turnaround for quotes
  • Domestic fasteners that adhere to federal and state DOT guidelines
    • Domestic inventory is available for government jobs

Order and Shipping Information for Eye Protective Goggles

  • Repeat order and volume discounts
  • Standard UPS deliveries between one to five business days
    • Mid-Atlantic regional deliveries within one business day
  • Packaged or bulk orders delivered to your worksite or plant
  • Mill direct shipments
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Get the Protective Eye Gear You Need

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