Grade 55 Threaded Rod

As a strong and durable fastener, Grade 55 threaded rod is used for many construction applications. Featuring a fully threaded shaft, threaded rod provides numerous solutions to fastening and stabilization projects. With ASTM F1554 specifications, these rods are highly durable and are suitable for structural anchoring projects. Grade 55 threaded rods can be combined with other fastener styles to form secure connections in various applications. Available in a variety of sizes, pitches, and finishes, these rods are designed to suit numerous industrial projects.

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ASTM F1554 Options & Specifications

Trio Fasteners supplies Grade 55 threaded rod with ASTM F1554 specifications for numerous industrial applications. Grade 55 describes medium-carbon steel and is named for its minimum yield strength of 55 ksi. This translates to 55,000 psi under tension, making threaded rod made from Grade 55 highly durable and stable. Stronger than A36 threaded rod, F1554 Grade 55 rod is most suitable for structural projects and securing heavy components.
Grade 55 threaded rod is available in an expansive selection of sizes, threadings, and finishes to supply precisely what you need. We offer eight diameters, ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/2" in thickness, accommodating a variety of projects and sizes. Seven thread styles are available, with pitches ranging from 6 to 13. Grade 55 threaded rod finishes include plain and HDG (hot-dipped galvanized), providing cost-effective solutions and increased corrosion resistance, durability, and longevity.

Threaded Rod Applications

Used for stabilization purposes and desired for its high strength yield, F1554 Grade 55 threaded rod is ideal for projects involving vibration or tension. Full threading along the shaft allows for adjustments and total control during installation and use. Threaded rod is beneficial for both fastening and structural purposes, making it highly versatile and desired for many commercial projects.
Grade 55 threaded rod is found in many industrial applications, including:
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Light Poles
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hanging & Suspension
  • Anchoring Structural Steel

Grade 55 Threaded Rod Fastener Combinations

Because of its versatility, Grade 55 threaded rod can be used in conjunction with numerous styles of fasteners, including: These fastener combinations benefit a wide variety of applications, making threaded rod an adaptable solution for industrial projects.

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