Bent Anchor Bolts

Bent anchor bolts are headless fasteners with a partially threaded shank. The top of the unthreaded section features a 90-degree angle, providing secure anchoring for heavy-duty concrete applications. Heavy-duty bent anchors are available in multiple finishes, providing exceptional reinforcement power for heavy machinery, bridge, and structural column applications.

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How do Bent Anchor Bolts Work?

Bent anchor bolts are heavy-duty fastener products fixed in concrete and used to support applications requiring augmented load support. The curved portion of the 90° anchor bolt creates resistance so the bolt does not pull out of the concrete footing when force is applied.

Concrete Bent Anchor Bolt Advantages

Concrete anchor bolts are engineered and designed to provide elite anchoring power for heavy-duty holding power applications. Some of the benefits that bent anchors offer include ultra-strong holding power, solid construction, angled design, and various size options.

Heavy-Duty Bent Anchor Applications

Concrete bent anchor bolts are used for various heavy-duty applications requiring a fastener product that can withstand tremendous loads. Some typical bent anchor bolt applications include:
  • Bridges
  • Columns
  • Sign structures
  • Light poles
  • Floor plates
  • Heavy-duty equipment

Concrete Bent Anchor Bolt Material Options

Trio Fasteners’ concrete anchors, wedge anchors, and sleeve anchors are available in the following material options:
  • A36 Low carbon steel
    • Mechanical or hot-dipped galvanization finishes available
  • Mild carbon steel (high yield strength than A36 steel)
    • Black or galvanized finish options
  • Medium carbon steel, quench and tempered
    • Galvanizing available

Trio Fasteners – Your Trusted Source for Heavy-Duty Bent Anchor Bolts

With decades of fastener knowledge, Trio Fasteners has a staff of fastener experts who can help you get the bent anchor bolts you need. We have the most extensive fastener inventory in Central Virginia, with little employee turnover. Our team ensures you receive high-quality fasteners that meet your project demands. Trio Fasteners also offers:
  • Competitive pricing for bent anchor bolts
  • Fast quoting for standard fasteners and hard-to-find fasteners
  • Domestic fastener inventory available for government jobs
  • Inventory of domestic fasteners that meet federal and state DOT regulations

Concrete Anchor Bolt Order & Shipping Information

Trio Fasteners provides exclusive order processing and shipping benefits, including deliveries on Mid-Atlantic orders within one business day and nationwide deliveries between one to five business days via UPS standard delivery. We offer repeat and high-volume order discounts and bulk deliveries shipped directly to your plant or job site, and orders are available for direct-from-mill shipments.

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