Concrete Adhesive Anchors

Properly anchor your elements with high-quality concrete anchor adhesives. We stock a wide selection of adhesives, including acrylic and epoxy adhesives, as well as adhesive tools and accessories. High-strength anchor adhesives are available for a wide range of applications and environmental conditions.

Epoxy Adhesive Products

Adhesive Anchor Options

Our inventory of adhesive anchors includes:
  • High-strength acrylic adhesives
  • High-strength epoxy adhesives
  • Adhesive anchor tools
  • Adhesive anchor accessories

Order Information

  • UPS standard delivery, between one to five business days
    • Mid-Atlantic region deliveries within one business day
  • Repeat and bulk order discounts
  • Bulk and packaged orders can be delivered directly to your worksite or plant
  • Direct from mill shipments

Trusted Concrete Adhesive Distributor

As an established fastener supplier, Trio Fasteners is the largest fastener distributor in Central Virginia. Our team of fastener experts can help you find the concrete adhesive or adhesive tools you need.
Benefits of buying from Trio Fasteners include:
  • Fast quotes for standard orders and hard-to-find fasteners
  • Competitive pricing
  • Domestic fastener suppliers who meet federal and state DOT guidelines
    • Domestic fasteners are available for government contracts

Find the Right Epoxy for Your Project

Call us at 1-800-932-6587 or request a quote. Let us help you find the right epoxy or acrylic adhesive for your anchoring needs.