Concrete Adhesive Anchors

Injectable concrete adhesive anchoring provides a versatile fastening solution for threaded rod, rebar, and dowels in solid surfaces. Trio Fasteners stocks various adhesive anchoring products, including injectable acrylic and epoxy materials, adhesive injection tools, and accessories.

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Epoxy & Amp

Acrylic Anchoring from Trio Fasteners Adhesive anchors provide secure fastening for solid base surface applications, including stone, brick, and concrete. The chemical epoxy or acrylic material is injected into a pre-drilled hole, followed by the insertion of a bolt or anchor. Because the adhesive material completely engulfs the inserted portion of the anchor, it provides a tight seal that helps resist corrosion from water and exposure. Once the anchor has been inserted and the adhesive material cures, it cannot be removed. After installation, nuts can be fastened to the exposed threading of the anchor for various applications. Adhesive anchoring provides a long-lasting fastening solution for concrete surfaces.

Industrial Concrete Chemical Anchor Products

Our inventory of adhesive anchors includes high-strength adhesive products in acrylic and epoxy material options. We also distribute adhesive anchoring tools and accessories, including dispensing tools, hole-cleaning brushes, flange injection ports, mixing nozzles, and more.

Benefits of Concrete Adhesive Anchors

Adhesive anchoring offers several benefits, including:
  • Permanent fastening with good holding strength
  • Adhesive material creates a seal around the anchor, resisting water & corrosive elements
  • Allows for fastening in applications where mechanical anchors may not work

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