Headed Weld Studs

Commonly referred to as headed concrete anchors or headed concrete anchor studs, headed weld studs are used for welding elements to a flat surface or heel of angles within a welding system. Headed weld studs can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial concrete connections.

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What are Headed Concrete Anchor Studs?

Stainless and low carbon-headed weld studs anchor steel plates and shapes in concrete structures. When installed, headed concrete anchor studs are joined together by heating the weld stud with an arc and welding directly to a flat surface, heel of an angle, or to the fillet.

Headed Concrete Anchor Stud Advantages

Headed weld studs are engineered and manufactured to support a range of industrial and commercial concrete to metal applications. Headed concrete weld studs are easy to install and feature a single-sided design. They are ultra-strong and highly durable weld studs that work best for applications that require tremendous holding power.

Headed Concrete Anchor Stud Applications

Headed concrete anchors are manufactured with tremendous holding power, ensuring secure holds for your industrial and commercial application needs. Headed weld stud applications include:
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Sign Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Appliances
  • Metalworking

Headed Concrete Anchor Stud Material Options

Trio Fastener’s concrete anchoring fasteners and concrete wedge anchors are available in the following material options.
  • Carbon steel
    • ASTM A29/A108, 1010-1020
  • 302 stainless steel
  • Headed anchor studs require ferrules
  • ISO, AWS, and CSA W59 compliance

Trio Fasteners – Your Preferred Source for Premium Concrete headed Weld Studs

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Headed Concrete Anchor Order & Shipping Information

Trio Fasteners provides exclusive order processing and shipping benefits that include Mid-Atlantic order delivery within one business day, nationwide deliveries via UPS standard delivery between one to five business days, repeat and high-volume order discounts, direct from mill shipments, and bulk deliveries shipped directly to your plant or job site.

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