Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors provide a permanent fastening solution for fixtures and structures in concrete. These internally threaded anchors are manufactured for use in concrete and other solid-base materials and require specialized setting tools for installation. Trio Fasteners is your source for premium drop-in anchors.

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Internally Threaded Drop-In Anchors from Trio Fasteners

Drop-in anchors provide secure, heavy-duty fastening for flush-mount applications in solid base materials. These anchors are inserted into a pre-drilled hole, then driven into place using a setting tool and hammer. Once hammered into the concrete surface, drop-in anchors cannot be removed. After installation, bolts and other threaded fasteners can be fastened to the drop-in anchor’s internal threads. With high holding strength, drop-in anchors provide a durable, long-lasting anchoring solution for concrete surfaces.

Concrete Drop-In Anchor Material Options

Trio Fasteners stocks drop-in anchors in various material options, including:
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel with Zinc-Plated Finish

Benefits of Concrete Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors feature several benefits compared to other concrete fastening solutions:
  • Avoids the need for messy chemical anchoring like epoxy or resin
  • Provides a high level of holding strength
  • Ideal for permanent fastening
  • Provides a flush surface finish after installation
  • While the internally-threaded anchor is permanent, bolts can be removed or replaced

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