Concrete Sleeve Anchors

Ideal for securing base materials, concrete sleeve anchors are ideal for light or heavy-duty applications. As a versatile fastener, they can support heavy structures, making them well suited for construction and masonry projects.

Sleeve Anchor Products


Concrete Sleeve Anchor Material Options

Our inventory of concrete sleeve anchors includes:
  • Carbon steel
    • Zinc-plated
  • Stainless steel

Shipping Information

  • Delivery with UPS within one to five business days
    • Delivery within one day for the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Repeat order and high-volume order discounts
  • Bulk order and packaged delivery to your plant or job site
  • Direct from mill shipments available

Sleeve Anchors from Trio Fasteners          

With over 30 years of fastener experience, Trio Fasteners has the deepest sleeve anchor inventory in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team of fastener experts includes long-standing employees who have the technical knowledge to help you find the right fasteners for your project requirements.  
  • Competitive pricing for sleeve anchors
  • Domestic inventory meets state and federal DOT compliance

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