Sleeve Anchors

Concrete sleeve anchors are mechanical expansion anchors consisting of an expansion sleeve over a threaded bolt body, an integrated expander, a washer, and a nut. Ideal for securing base materials, concrete sleeve anchors are manufactured for light-to-heavy-duty masonry applications. Trio Fasteners is your source for premium concrete sleeve anchors.

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Trio Fasteners stocks high-performance sleeve anchors in stainless steel and zinc-coated carbon steel options. Order concrete anchors and other anchoring products from our expansive inventory of industrial-grade fasteners. Contact us to learn more!

Heavy-Duty Concrete Sleeve Anchors at Trio Fasteners

Concrete sleeve anchors provide secure, heavy-duty fastening for solid base materials. After inserting the anchor into a pre-drilled hole, the included nut is tightened, pulling the stud up through the expander sleeve. As the sleeve expands, it pushes against the wall of the substrate, creating a securely fastened anchor. With high holding strength, sleeve anchors provide a durable, long-lasting anchoring solution for concrete surfaces.

Benefits of Concrete Sleeve Anchors

Mechanical sleeve anchors feature several benefits compared to other concrete fastening solutions:
  • Provide good holding strength
  • Easy to use
  • Do not require additional specialty tools for installation
  • Stainless steel & zinc-covered carbon steel options

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Located in Ashland, Virginia, Trio Fasteners supplies small businesses, construction operations, commercial industries, and more with top-quality fastening products. At Trio Fasteners, we provide fast quotes and competitive pricing. Our repeat and bulk ordering options help save you time and money on recurring purchases. We also distribute domestic suppliers that meet federal & state DOT specifications, with an inventory available for government jobs.

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