Concrete Screw Anchors

Easily secure structures to concrete with concrete screws. Concrete anchor screws are post-installation anchors, with immediate full loading capabilities. With several unique head type options, our selection of concrete screws allows for easy and convenient masonry and concrete application installations.

Located in Ashland, VA, Trio Fasteners is a proven fastener supplier for the Mid-Atlantic region. We are a trusted provider of premium industrial concrete anchor screws and other fastener products to service your application needs. Check out our manufacturing partners or request a quote today.

Concrete Anchor Screw Material Options

Looking for the perfect concrete screw material to fit your needs? Our industrial masonry concrete screws are manufactured from the following precision materials to meet a range of application requirements:
  • Carbon steel
    • Zinc-plated, ceramic-coated finish (only available for Titens – tapcons)
  • Stainless steel
  • Mechanical galvanized

Concrete Screw Advantages

Industrial concrete screws provide significant benefits based on your specific application and project requirements. Some of the greatest benefits of utilizing concrete anchor screws include:
  • Convenient installation
  • Numerous head types
  • Installation flexibility
  • Ratings and approvals
  • Cost-effective

Why Choose Trio Fasteners for Your Concrete Anchor Screw Needs?

There are hundreds of fastener supplier options throughout the country. So why choose Trio Fasteners for your industrial concrete screw needs? At Trio Fasteners, we take the time to understand your business. We stock the largest inventory of high-quality concrete anchors and other fasteners in Central Virginia that provide proven results. We look forward to servicing your business needs by offering the following benefits:
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick quotes and turnaround for standard and specialty fastener orders
  • Domestic fastener suppliers who meet federal and state DOT specifications
    • Domestic fastener inventory is available for government jobs

Shipping & Bulk Order Advantages

Trio Fasteners also offers fast and immediate shipments on all orders including UPS delivery between one to five business days and Mid-Atlantic delivery within one business day. We also offer bulk and repeat order discounts, direct from mill shipments, and bulk or packaged concrete screw delivery directly to your plant or job site.

Order Concrete Anchor Screws Today

Trio Fasteners is your trusted source for premium masonry and concrete screw products. Visit our store in Ashland, VA for high-quality concrete anchor screws, cutting tools, and drill bits or request a quote for direct pricing information today!